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Update from Dr. Aw

During my early days at OMERS – I was warmly welcomed by colleagues, who spoke to me about their exciting community work with Canada’s National Ballet School, who was doing some interesting work with Baycrest, a global leader in brain health and aging.

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Reminder: COVID Alert App

The Government of Canada has also developed an app to help you identify if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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Thanksgiving: a time of reflection and gratitude in the face of challenge

With numbers again climbing in several regions, this celebration of thanks is coming at a good time; a moment to take a deep breath and focus on the parts of our lives that bring us joy.

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Series on Cybersecurity

In the third installment of this three-part series, we look at Phishing and Spear-Phishing messages and how to stay one step ahead of them.

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OMERS In Conversation with event

OMERS In Conversation: Navigating the next phase of the pandemic

In this In Conversation, Celine Chiovitti, OMERS Senior Vice President, Pension & Corporate Services, hosted a panel to discuss available community supports, safety and wellness tips, as well as the health and wellness resources available to guide us through these challenging times.

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DrAw behavioural change

Dr. Aw Wellness Update: Are you ready for a behaviour change?

These pandemic times have allowed us to reflect about what is important to us.

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Kindness matters – maybe now more than ever

When was the last time you experienced the impact of receiving or giving kindness?

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Time capsule art

What would go in your pandemic time capsule?

Taking a page from the City of Ottawa Archives: What would you put in your pandemic time capsule?

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Chronic Disease Pandemic Wave

The Chronic Disease Pandemic Wave. The role of wellness.

This week, Dr. Aw explores the impact of COVID-19 on broader chronic health conditions. The article concludes with a series of wellness tips, references and resources.

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Staycationing this year? We’ve curated some ideas

Travel isn’t expected to be as common this year as it has been in the past. We’ve surfed the net for the best ideas for vacationing at home.

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Building Resilience

With so much happening, and a lot of uncertainty around us, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Our Wellness team shared a short checklist for building resilience to help manage.

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Practicing Gratitude

In the current environment it is easy to overlook the little things that can make a positive difference. This quick worksheet helps focus in on some of those opportunities.

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Meditation – a path to relaxation

Meditation – A Path to Relaxation

Meditation offers an opportunity to breathe and gain perspective. This week, we look at the benefits and a few online resources that may be helpful.

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Mental Health Days of Awareness in May

While mental health awareness has been increasing in recent years, this pandemic has vaulted the mental health conversation to the forefront across global communities. In this article, Nancy Nazer, OMERS Chief Human Resources Officer provides an overview of awareness activities that are taking place in some of the countries where OMERS operates.

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Can Lifestyle Boost Immunity

This brief article provides insight on the impact of nutrition, exercise and stress management on immunity, which tends to weaken as we age.

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League’s Health Platform

League is a digital health benefits platform that gives you real-time health information including COVID-19 specific support such as testing and diagnosis. Chat directly with registered nurses, access health programs, or leverage resources for nutrition, fitness, mental and family health.

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Combatting “fake news”: D2L Offers Free Course on COVID-19

Ontario-based D2L, an OMERS Ventures portfolio company, has been working through the COVID-19 outbreak to support the transition of educators and millions of learners to a fully online experience.

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